Number One

I thought a good deal about what post number one should be.  In fact, I delayed writing post number one for a while, since I wanted to be sure I got it just right.  Which led me to think about launches of various sorts, and the nature of blogs, and their place in the current culture and in the current world of marketing/branding/PR, and where each of those worlds might be headed in the near future, and a number of other topics…

One thing I have to offer is a tendency to consider the connections.

But back to post number one, I briefly considered a long, carefully-honed, letter to the world (or at least to the world wide web) detailing every idea behind the creation of this blog and every idea for where it might go.

Then I came to my senses.

A blog “launch” is not like a product launch.  Unless you are already famous in some other sphere and are trading on that to jump instantly to million-DUV status, there is no point in worrying about making your first post extra-shiny.  The vast majority of people (of the relatively very small number of people who are likely to read your blog at all) will not read your first post first, if they ever read it.  Because (usually) a blog audience is built over time, as particular posts are served up as search results or as people tell their friends about you.  (Aside: you can, of course, market a blog to drive up traffic, but that’s not something I’ll be doing for this one.)

Number one should really be just the first step on the path.  It should be like all the other posts you’re going to do at about that same point in your b-life.  Most of all, it should be genuine.  At least, that’s my humble opinion.

So here’s number one.  I’m looking forward to number two.


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