Who did that?

I have a lot of questions about how all this stuff works.

Some are questions that you people who went to college for marketing/advertising/branding probably got answered in your first survey course.  Others are the kind that your professors probably told you would get answered by your first employer.  Maybe a few you didn’t think to ask until after you had already started a job somewhere.

Here’s the first one, which came up during the [title of post] post.  How does one ferret out an agency/client relationship?  Say you see a TV spot and that’s all the info you have.  Is there a particular site or reference where you can find out who created that spot?

Assuming it’s not easily found by a Google search, of course.  Even as an outsider, I can find a lot of them just by searching on the name of the product, the tag line, and a keyword like “campaign” or “agency”.  Something a la: Who did those Skittles spots?  (Of course, it’s much easier when the spot has won awards or otherwise generated its own press…)

UPDATE:  Shortly after, of course, I found the 4A’s Agency Search, which goes a long way to answering these questions in a lot of cases.  Every industry has these sorts of insider publications.  I remember starting as a Marketing Associate at a big law firm and having no idea who Mr. Martin Dale might be — is he in the estates department?

[12/28 EDIT: Removed the FYK stuff — six months after the 6/25 posting, I realized it wasn’t useful…]


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