Evolutionary Campaign

[SIDE NOTE: I warned you this blog would be slow to ramp up!  Of course one (maybe the only) good thing about not yet having any readers to speak of is that no one will be the least bothered if I take a week off to concentrate my time on something else.]

There’s a fascinating article in today’s New York Times about the extensive campaign efforts by Barack Obama which revolve around social networking :

When a Clinton strategist said Barack Obama’s supporters “look like Facebook,” Chris Hughes took it as a compliment.

Chris Hughes is the Facebook co-founder who is now working his magic for Obama.  If you don’t have access to the Times archive, you can see the actual social networking portion of Obama’s site here.  

Beyond the profile of Hughes, the article gives us a profile of one of the first election campaigns to do social networking right.  Obama has a Twitter feed, for frak’s sake.  Of course, there’s no doubt that the tweets are composed by campaigners just like Hughes.  But still, he’s got one.

The article is interesting on its own merits, but for me the real kick is that I see it as (potentially) the last time someone thinks a major candidate using social networking in a major way counts as news.  Social networking through the internet is going to be part of the baseline by the time the 2012 U.S. presidential race happens.

There are all sorts of other ideas to be explored here, right up to how to use the internet to implement true democracy.  But right now I have to go see if Mr. Obama will accept me in his LinkedIn Network.


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