Consumer Interaction

The tag line on this blog (currently) reads: “perspective of a middle-aged newcomer to the world of consumer interaction”.

That phrase, “consumer interaction” is not especially new, but I prefer to use it when discussing this broad field that fascinates me so, for a couple of reasons. First is that, as of this writing, I haven’t completely narrowed down which aspect I’m going to be most focused on (the dream being to find that magical sweet spot where they are all part of the job).

But a bigger, and more interesting, reason is that I believe the distinctions between these various efforts are getting more fuzzy and less important.

Branding, marketing, advertising, positioning, public relations, and all the others, they were never THAT far apart anyway — especially in the minds of people who weren’t in the industry, right?

But what we’re seeing now is not sloppy definitions nor poor understanding. It’s a whole new level of understanding how all of these efforts should be working together, as facets of a single, coordinated effort. This isn’t a new idea, not by a long shot, but I think we’re getting to a new awareness of the idea on a widespread basis.

Or, maybe I’m just still so new to all this myself that I’m spouting old maxims as new discoveries?

In any case, one phrase that I NEVER want to hear again is “integrated campaign” as if that were a magical incantation or trail blazing new concept. EVERY campaign should be integrated.

And more, every aspect of the company’s image should be unified, and every aspect of messaging should be working in concert. This isn’t easy, particularly at larger organizations, but neither is it complicated — it just takes awareness and commitment.


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