The Future of the Internet

I don’t generally post a lot of links, because there are already a ton of sites that do such things better (just a few of the aggregators and blogs I’m addicted to: AdRants AdGabber, copyranter, Dear Jane Sample, Seth Godin, Third Way, AdLab, Make the Logo Bigger, and there are so many more…).  However, I haven’t seen this up on those (with my apologies to the respective sites if I just missed their posting on the topic…)

The Pew Internet and American Life Project (of the Pew Research Center, which — if you listen to NPR for more than 10 minutes — you’ve heard of) posted the latest version of their Future of the Internet survey.  I won’t even try to sum up the findings here, but it’s a fascinating discussion.  Anyone whose consumer interaction work touches on the internet (which now means, anyone who works in any aspect of consumer interaction) should at least read the summary, if not all 138 pages.  Regardless of which particular predictions turn out to be right or wrong, reading the expert opinions will inspire you to think deeply about the medium and how you (and your clients) are/should be/will be using it.


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