A Hint of the Ideal

Edward Boches, Chief Creative Officer at Mullen, dropped in for part of the February 24th chat session at Please Feed the Animals.

There was a fair amount of conversation about “traditional” versus “digital”.  This is a theme a lot of CI people (of all flavors) seem to love kicking around.  To me, it’s a non-issue.  The means of producing traditional channels have been digital for years; the means of distributing the traditional channels are more and more digital; and new channels which are digital in every aspect of their pipeline are gaining increased prevalence.  Talk of “traditional” versus “digital” seems to be more deeply about “how things were done yesterday” versus “how things will be done tomorrow”.

Boches, I like to think, seems to share my opinion.  Even more exciting to me is the idea he offers of what a top-level creative should bring to the table in statements like these:

  • talking to creative circus thursday about looking for jobs in this recession. will go through my 10 suggestions and also encourage people not to be CWs or ADs, but creatives who can solve/invent/conceive everywhere
  • Look outside of ad agency biz. Jay Williams now at Oasis. There are lots of other places to apply the skills of problem solving, synthesizing, etc.
  • You have to get digital and quickly. New creative frontier is not advertising, it’s experiences, influencing, inventing applications, being creative and technical at same time.
  • Some of it is appearance. We have as many digital people as general, so does Crispin, so does Goodby.Best agencies have people who do it all or at least can think across spaces.
  • supposedly general creative should always be good at simplifying and focusing: synthesizing and positioning: these are valuable no matter the medium
  • What’s more important is to create and invent ideas that matter that will excite people that will live across all medium, that might even by inspired by the possibilities that only exist because of the possible integration.

“Think across spaces” is what I feel I have some talent for, what I want to do more of, what I’d like to get paid for at some point (good stage directors do this, but too few of them get paid for it…).

You can read the transcript of the entire chat session here.  Even if you haven’t been laid off from the industry — or haven’t been hired yet — Please Feed the Animals is worth going on your daily reading list.


2 comments so far

  1. b on

    You’ve found something where you think across spaces, no?

    • nonbabe on

      I’ve found something that’s a start, certainly. It’s been an extremely hectic transition, one that’s left zero time for blogging (though it’s providing a lot of material for future posts…).

      Look for changes here near the start of September. Sept. 1 has a nice ring to it, but there are too many other–more important–things to work on for me to set an arbitrary deadline on this little distraction… I may start a different (and different sort) of blog entirely, or I may continue here, but either way there should be a lot more content (and, for that matter, a lot more frequent attention from me…)


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