I am a 40-year old male…  I haven’t qualified as a “babe” in ANY reasonable sense of the word for a long time.

Until, maybe, just recently.  I have decided to change course.  After spending more than half my life (so far…) pursuing a career as a stage director, I finally admitted that I wasn’t really interested in making theatre anymore.  So I’m leaving the path I’ve been on since I was a teenager to go marching off in a new (for me) direction.  If there was a FaceBook app for rating your friends’ wisdom in their career choices (and there may well be one by now), that is the one context in which I could still earn the title “babe“. 


Advertising, marketing, branding, positioning, public relations and all the other overlapping yet subtly different ways in which a corporate entity interacts with individuals is a topic that I’ve always found fascinating; and it’s more exciting than ever right now as professionals, companies, and even the field as a whole are forced to evolve rapidly in the wake of amazing technological and cultural changes.


I am too old to break into this world.  I don’t have the skills, the knowledge, the contacts to do this; and I don’t have the time, the energy, or the money left to acquire them.  Besides, it’s a young person’s game to begin with.  People who started at 20 can’t get a job at 40 in this world these days.  And the economy!  What about the economy?  I should be clinging to my current well-paying job with both hands and every tooth, given the state of the economy!

All of those things may be true.  Or none of them may be true.  At the end of the day, I have decided that this is what I want.  So I’m going to chase it.  This blog is just the record of my own quest to learn more about, and break into, this amazing world.

Oh, and stuff I think is cool.


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